ARTMONEY is a conceptual art project, an alternative ‘currency’ or valuta produced by artists. An artmoney has a fixed size at 12x 18 cm. It’s small original pieces of artwork in almost any material and genre. I have seen works in such diverse materials as paper, concrete, glass, porcelain, deli meats, wood, textile and ice.

Artmoney‘re sold, exchanged and used as payment – similar to traditional currency. The concept has the intention of questioning the traditional economical system, it constitutes a critical voice in the political debate about ‘what is value’.

Artmoney was invented and founded by the Danish artist Lars Kraemmer in 1997. The concept celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. I myself have been involved with the project since 2004 and still enthusiastic about the idea of art as an alternative and legal currency – made of art. You could say it already is what artists do and always have done when they sometimes ‘pay’ goods and services with their works. Artmoney just pinpoints the concept and makes the point extra clear and tangible.

On a philosophical and socio-economic plan you can see artmoney as an obvious invitation to a debate about values and value exchange. The project is based on equality between people and focuses on accountability, transparency and trust in an innovative, artistic and playful way.

(See more here: https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artmoney and here: http://artmoney.org/about)