The Project

We all know that a worldwide change’s going on. That it’s more important than ever to discuss our values when it comes to climate, resources, human dignity etc. Also our Nordic welfare model is under a big pressure that makes it essential with a new approach and renewed energy to issues as ‘money’, ‘value’, trade and exchange.

We’re at a point of no return where it has become essential to consider what is human and real values, and how we want to spend our lives and our resources. I would like to contribute to this vision of creating a better world –  through simple actions such as creating an alternative art currency, that helps us reflect upon our human and social potential.

27 invited professional artists from Scandinavia and the Nordic contries.

Each artist contributes up till 20 original pieces of artmoney, that directly or indirectly will reflect on the concept of ‘value’. Of course every artist creates his or her work – free in expression and material. Nobody can say what has value for others. Here you speak for yourself. But maybe certain themes will crystallize, and a common sense will emerge? Or maybe not at all?

The formal requirements for the size of the individual work (12 x 18 cm) ensures a tight outer form, that allows peace and harmony in the exhibition. The works can be exhibited on a wall and/ or put in boxes on a table or podium for further inspection.
The plan is to show the approximately 500 works in all the Nordic countries – and maybe later also in the Balticum

The exhibition is complemented by dissemination in the form of website, artists talks and – if there is interest – workshops for local artists and other interested.

We started in Aarhus in August 2018, Bornholm in September, The Nordic Institute on Åland 2019 – and now on to Rikhardinkatu Library in Helsinki and. We’re in contact with further exhibition venues and have applications sent to all the Nordic region’s houses, as well as various galleries and exhibition spaces in Bergen, Trondheim, Umeå, Iceland, Greenland and Gotland.

We have created this website as a platform for presenting and documenting the project, the participating artists, exhibition venues mm. You also find us at Facebook

For further information, please, you can contact me at or mobile (+45) 21471871